I am a semi-retired teacher who has written and published over 300 short stories in five languages. Other than English, I speak four languages: French, German, Spanish, and Italian; but no matter which language I use, I hope to inform, maybe inspire, but always entertain my audience with my stories. I used to write short stories based on my travel and teaching experiences, but over time I expanded, first into language learning and then, later, into inspirational and evangelical material. The main purposes for my writing are to provide educational material and to entertain a wide audience with short stories. I love writing because it’s the most economical way for me to share stories that I think others will find entertaining, amusing, and maybe even educational.

I was a digital nomad before that word even existed. For decades I traveled the world, living in different countries. During my travels, I was witness to hundreds of real-life stories: tragedies, amusing anecdotes, and deeply moving moments. I turned these events into culturally important—and often comical—short stories, all suitable for language learners. There is a lot of material out there, but most of it is a bit too serious for my taste; humor educates best! From my books, you can expect humorous short stories that are based on real-life experience and appeal to a wide audience of readers. They are specifically designed for language education and have an original voice that cannot be duplicated.

I am not a so-called online marketer; I speak several languages and create new and unique content from my own ideas. I try to write my stories timelessly, independent of current events and trends, so that my work has value over a long period of time. Some of my books focus on seafaring, or traveling by cruise ship, and feature humor and suspense in exotic destinations. My short story book about cruising provides insights into cruise ship travel and many interesting ports of call. These yachting and cruising books are suitable for people who are novices to cruising and yachting. My books and stories are not only written for students, but also for teachers, libraries, and schools. The evangelical books include timeless wisdom and inspiration.

Right now, I am a full-time author only in my mind. In the future, I want to expand so that my books are discovered by a wider audience outside the US, especially in Asia. Italy is an interesting book market; I plan to publish some language books in Italian since I always seem to come back to history in many of my stories and books. Many of my books are suitable for sale in brick-and-mortar book shops, and some of them would be a good fit for cruise ships. I want to get my books into the hands of international language learners, travelers, or folks who are looking for inspiration—really, anyone who is interested in reading a good story, a quick page-turner so to speak. Books are no better than paperweights if nobody reads them. My short stories are timeless, and my language books can help students, teachers, and schools.

I am working on many projects currently, from spiritual activities to Chinese futures projects. It’s quite possible that I will start a podcast at some time in the future. I am a Christian and a spiritual person, but I am not actively religious. I write evangelical short stories, not for commercial reasons, but out of belief. I spend my time cruising, seafaring, and—of course—writing.